Immigration: Welcome or Not?

Thursday 23 January

12:30 – 14:00
Open Forum - Swiss Alpine School (SAMD), Auditorium

For over 200 million people, migrating to a foreign land represents the hope of a better life and valuable career experience. While it is viewed by some as an opportunity for development as well as a healthy source of skills on the job market, many are concerned with irregular flows of migrants, the costs of integration and the potential increase in criminal activity. With European migration on the rise, should governments improve their integration policies or impose barriers to entry?

  • What best practices can assist countries to improve management of migration flows?
  • How have countries leveraged immigration for development?
  • What are the implications of stricter regulations vs integration policies?


Comment by Kingsley Aikins | 22.01.2014

Many countries are now realising that they possess something called Diaspora Capital which we define as 'the overseas resources available to a country, region, city, organisation or location and is made up of people, networks, finance,attitudes,ideas and concerns of those with a shared interest in their place of origin, ancestry or affinity. What was once considered a national loss can now become a national asset but it needs strategies, policies, programmes and projects put in place. However, this won't happen unless Governments put structures in place to develop this sector.