Unemployed or Unemployable?

Wednesday 23 January

19:00 - 20:30

Globally, there is a need to create 600 million productive jobs over the next decade to ensure sustainable growth and preserve social cohesion. Youth are protesting en masse and the number of university graduates is higher than ever before, yet businesses are struggling to find skilled talent to hire. How can this gap be bridged?

Dimensions to be addressed:

  • Who should be responsible for the creation of 600 million jobs? What innovations are needed?
  • Is the unemployment problem a structural or systemic problem?
  • Are the unemployed at fault or is the education system?
  • Is unemployment high because of economic policy? Why are financial systems rescued and not workers


Comment by Geared Economy | 20.01.2013

Though naive and idealistic: one world currency and one world treasurer in 2100 would lead to a better world. From geared economy it becomes pretty clear that the economic system can be improved

Comment by Geared Economy | 20.01.2013

See also: http://gearedeconomy.blogspot.nl/2013/01/geared-economy.html

Comment by Wijck van M.M. | 26.01.2013

Offered job hours to be equally distributed to questioning workers.

Comment by Roberto Martorana | 28.01.2013

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Comment by Paul | 18.02.2013

There are direct and indirect relations that an emploee can can experience:.

1. The higher the technology, the lower the number of emploees needed.

2.The more educated is the workforce the higher are the chances to create its own employment.

3. The higher the company profits, the higher the willingness of company managers to retain it for themselves.

It cannot be solved at company levels, becauseô it would work against their profitability.

It is the repoonsibility of politicians and authorities to be held accountable by their constituencies.

Comment by richard swarts | 04.05.2013

Job sharing should be considered & 5hr working shifts, instead of the traditional 8hr working shift, the employment rate will increase 2/3/4 fold globally. I can elaborate on this if provided with a platform.

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