The Secret Is Out: What's Next for Switzerland?

Friday 24 January

19:00 – 20:30
Open Forum - Swiss Alpine School (SAMD), Auditorium

Switzerland is known for its chocolate, watches and banking sector. But today, with traditional banking secrecy gone, the country has to reinvent itself to retain its competitive advantage. Can Switzerland use this shift to its advantage by creating new markets while continuing to benefit from its pharmaceutical, energy management and tourism industries?

  • How is Switzerland going to create new advantages?
  • What sustainable and innovative sectors should be invested in? What policies should be put forward?


Comment by Henk van Dijk | 07.01.2014

Innovative sectors should be invested: (zeer veel info) (zeer veel info) (zeer veel info) (certificaten) (DNA/RNA) (Woordenlijst) (prof.dr. Franz Schmid A new dimension of medicine)
Paracelsus: Like Cures Like - 'Similia Similibus Curantur' (Uitleg film)