Ethical Capitalism: Worth a Try?

Thursday 23 January

19:00 – 20:30
Open Forum - Swiss Alpine School (SAMD), Auditorium

Capitalism lifted 1 billion people out of poverty in 20 years but, today, society is discontent. Some believe the neo-liberal capitalist model needs shaking up, and that regulators, supervisors and corporate governance managers have failed those they are meant to protect. Western economic and social crises are pointing to the bankruptcy of the capitalist model. Yet the question remains: What is the alternative?

  • Is the ethos of capitalism unethical? What are its economic and policy structures?
  • Who needs to lead the effort for society to act for the common good?


Comment by Henk van Dijk | 07.01.2014 Top UITLEG BLUE TOP UITLEG "Gross National Happiness" (autrali) Gross National Happiness (105 leden totaal 200.000);

Comment by Sumant Kumar | 10.01.2014

Answer 1: Obviously Unethical. Answer 2: Every One Himself.

Comment by Penny brewer | 10.01.2014

I believe it's a mind set issue n it will take the next generation to wish to change creating new methodology based on mental health and happiness

Comment by Arantes Biekman | 12.01.2014

Consumers can make a difference. Perhaps next year I can talk about this at the forum.

Kind regards,

Arantes Biekman

Comment by Pawel Kozycz | 13.01.2014

Arousal tools of awarness of mutually needs of "both sides" of consumer citizens and of another sides capitalists as ansver for more ethical way of economically and civilizational development.

We should find out language/right tools to work out right level of communications between „both sides „people” and “capitalist” that give inspiring awareness – higher and familiefeeling,natinalfeeling, businessfeeling, technocratsfeeling to more healthy ethically- developing relationship,
I propose outline and suggestions for more democratic style of our local and global politic considering social.economical. civic poverty. Climate and other global issues those are very lively important for better developing world and any citizens needs separately.
We cannot right effective lose problems of coordinating ENVIRONMENT end over when we will separately thinking/each side to itself/
Alternative for the bankruptcy of the capitalist model couldbe implementing environment global tax system, that would award new pro environment, pro development global positively enterprises (new technology and so on). All in assumption of internationally conferencesm, organisations like UN,EU, states multiagreements, but also with take in big consideration all citizens (vote) voices part -without their participation all afforded enterprises will be finish with wrong effects.

Governance only of economical political technocratics group in todays world is not enough. We all should use new technologies and chances of making ours world out of stagnancy social and technological common good.

We cannot speak about ethos of relationships without right developed democratically economically awarness of mutually needs of both sides of consumer citizens and of “another” sides “capitalists” of course in bigger or smaller variations every person represents needs and behavior of “another” sides

Not economics animal language but a progressive human language is right way to more ethically relationships of ours global present society for new communications renesans after already of old epoch 600 years old of printing renesans of communication.

of minimum global enterprises tax, that would be approval by UN - percentage of budgets of states . Enterprises that could be awarded for new technologies, tax exemption for environment friendly companies. But all would be fail if citizens wouldn't have chance for -directly- take part in the global taxes decisions.
Well elaborating dialog (not monologue of economics’ technocrats politicians) language can be key
to improve effectiveness of political compromise -mutual communication of ¬^^both sides^^
between citizens and political and economic technocrats .
Citizenship aspirations, developing trust for public enterprises can be
supported by more democratically, serviceable, practical, equitable
I offer outline of a equitable tool that can rouse and support peoples citizenship aspirations
and responsibility for limited environment and really needed
development.INQUIRY as accessible, EQUITABLE CITIZENSHIP control of
Environment resources.-
World Citizen ships macroeconomic(environment too) automatic stabilizer.

I propose that administration, statesmen should prepare so to say
permanent survey, opinion(votes) collector system – to make more reliable
precisely more adequate (povertym,climate and another important globally enterprises)tax revenue spending. Tax spending opinion
polling votes inquiry system where people taxpayer could decided where in
state, public enterprise issues should be spend part of the taxes –for
example about 10x100$ a piece or so to say 10x 100$ votes. The
polling(voting) right of every person would be accordingly more depend of
amount taxpaying of every person

- but could be appointed minimum the tax
vote right for every person -even! who not paying taxes as well.
I propose that it could be use so to say banking account system where
citizens could show own opinion about the own tax spending(by using the
... x 100$ votes) for public enterprises through own special tax account
by using system of home banking, post gsm phone and so on.
So persons interested about own tax spending could get more countable tool to
opinion where their tax would been spending in near future on public ( for example climate,poverty)
Also by the way -using the same form of the inquiry- could be made
annually permanetly generally referendum about growing or decreasing taxes -weighted average of the tax votes (about 10% less or more). It should be
immanently part of whole proposal. So people could decide which direction
- part of their- own earthshare- money (in entire economy,global of common good) should be moved, where would be
more needed (outside or inside public matters - macroeconomic automatic
stabilizer) to make improvement investment more accordingly with: people
needs, whole mighty economy needs, taxpayer vital needs. –Which really
needed enterprises should be supported e.g. more for fashion and for life
All year the (above shortly described)tax opinion enquiry public computerized system
could be made by post, tax accounting(banking,homebanking,gsm likesystem)
system another possible confidential massages carriers we can use as well.
Of course finally for entire revenue sharing tax spending decisions will
be as usual responsible statesmen -in internationally coordination-who should take in bigger considerations
–but with more regard of the precisely questioned tax spending opinions
the votes enquiry.
All low regulation tools are almost ready. We don't need to make big
changes the law because it is in it already written that people have right
to show own views and that authorities have right to using difference
tools to collect opinions from voters.
What we need is elaborate the new” posgutenberg” language =the enquiry bond vote- forms ("tax shares” system, properly elaborate departments to take right properly
responsibility for attendance of the all year tax spending votes enquiry.
Taxpayers, citizens are in reality more like shareholders, investors of
their public limited environment RESOURCES.
Of course not all people take part in typical shareholder market, in
normally elections to parliament as well, but that give no right to cancel
such institutions! Similarly we cannot deprive people's chance,
opportunities, right to express own opinion about: own (public) money, own
share, responsibility in public (locally and -climate-globally as well) environment
and economy. We can elaborate more accessible (not complicated donation
tax system) public spending enquiry.
Proposed tax opinion enquiry
(language-barometer) can rouse support of citizenship aspirations, fight social and economical poverty support first at all DIGNITY at ALL.
effectiveness and responsibility for really needed development.

The opinion barometer (macroeconomic automatic stabilizer) like shares in free
market would be used for reliably collecting opinions on public
enterprises as anonymous enquiry bond-form (like check, banknotes) for point out opinions votes of the taxpayers
(with help of attached guidelines and schools pro civic classes ). The taxpayers ("tax shareholders" in
these forms could decide where, which department of public matters should
get their tax money support. In indicated locals, offices (maybe by post
too) each person could show where should go part of his paid tax (e.g.
- it would also minimum allowance for persons, who can't pay tax.

Earlier elected in normal elections statesmen would responsibly for taking
properly consideration of the tax spending referendum enquiry (it can be
used WEIGHTED AVERAGE by sharing the all enquiry votes).
Also by the way -using the same form of the enquiry- could be made
annually generally anonymous enquiry about growing or decreasing taxes
(about 10% less or more)
-weighed average of all tax votes each vote depend of taxpaying amount of
each taxpayer. So people could decide which direction part of their money
(in entire economy) should be moved, where would be more needed (outside
or inside public matters - macroeconomic automatic stabilizer)

To improve entire economical, environmental development in public matters
more accordingly to each person and simultaneous -climate-public actual needs (for
getting simply more chance to effectively elaborate public money revenue
and spending. The lag between fiscal decision and effects of the decisions
would be smaller) we should more properly steadily elaborate precise,
democratic dialog, tool – more reliable economical automatic stabilizer -
that could be used in tax system by taxpayer, citizens, politicians, and
Tax –public money (money are usually treated as equitable, precise message
about needs and opportunities) we have to understand like mortgage or fee
of widely taking in consideration environment resources. Citizens have
right of taking directly influential share -decisions and profits-
exchanging (public money) messages about need, opportunities that can push
development in needful direction.

Of course not all people take part in typical shareholder market likewise
in normally elections to parliament as well, but that give no right to
cancel such institutions! Similarly we cannot deprive people's chance,
opportunities, right to express own opinion about: own (public) money, own
share, responsibility in public (locally and globally as well) environment
and economy. I know that many people have slave spirit (Plato)- we have to
find tool for draw out the people from the citizenship (public consumer)social poverty and
slavery so that can initiate new era of civilization development more
accordingly with humanity, dignify desire.
Technocrats cannot always know (simply they cannot know all needs,
opportunities of everyone exactly) where should be spent public money. The
Politicians need more properly reliable opinions about needs of ordinary
shareholders of state of the technocrats politician, - but above all -state of the
Citizens-consumers need so to say such tool (psychological toy) to be more
firmly gain foothold wind up in public matters that absolutely interfere
with so called private market ("free" market matter.

I do not want to replace low, that all people should replace statesmen’s
work – I want to give the statesmen more effective toll, barometer of
people's environment needs and opportunities. So decision of the statesmen
would be wiser - connection between politician, statesmen and public,
community more objective accordingly to really opportunities and needs
The tool, the opinion barometer (macroeconomic automatic stabilizer) like
shares in free market would be used to collect more reliable opinions to
make more firmly, courageous, more approval decisions on public
investment, enterprises matters (tax matters) accordingly of needs and
opportunities of: the taxpayer, citizens, "shareholders" of taxed state
environment resources.

All taxpayer, citizens have absolute right to get a chance in CLEAR, FAIR
participation –sharing - in own taxed (shared) environment. People knowing
about the proposed, more elaborated right -even not participating, not
actively using them- the people could treat with more esteem public,
state, tax system, citizenship activities.

So that definition of tax could have quite different shade (not so
restrictive) People will have more trust in so called tax money that is
very important to making (economical) public matter more effective (that
push in right directions effectiveness of revenue –further economics
utilities of taxation-of Laffer curve).

All interested - abroad as well (on strictly conditions) to get the public
money support on particularly public issues could take part in competition
to rise "tax money share" through the tax spending enquiry survey.
So public investments, enterprises offers can get new support, new
sustainable toll to boost entire economy in safety, salutary (for our
environment resources) directions. People more directly could decide where
create, sustain –more useful- enterprises, work places. So people could
get big argument to support entire economy, wherever it could develop,
outside ore inside state budget. People could better appreciate power,
service, utility of money, tax money – people us to say that war support
growth of economy that not truth, appreciating well spend (really needed)
tax money can rise economy opportunities.

Because of the enquiry competition, public service can rise own quality.
Of course my proposed system would be evolving by new technology, banking
system where politician could be less intertwining by controlling of the
system – effects of the tax opinion enquiry would be more automatic
(macroeconomic automatic stabilizer) and instant like use of shares,
stocks in stock exchange under suitable regulations.
All institutions public and private would rival to get more chance of
taking so to say taxvotes in the tax spending referendum enquiry -and
further- money from state authorities (after budget approval).
Gratis local newspapers, booklets, magazines, could give support for this
enquiry enterprise. The public enterprise could been elaborating by
readers and editors at least in council taxes matter range.
Also local newspapers for example could be issued with published forms (+
2 envelopes - In first envelope described names, value of paid tax, which
would anonymous quantified in the second envelope) where voter could
describe where (locally, globally as well)-e.g. for: study of life, search
of space, local nursery, schools, ecological enterprises, different pro
develop enterprises, competitions about research of new medicines, charity
organizations, schools in poorer countries which are abandoned by
emigrated doctors, nurses, international e.i. EU enterprises instead of
above EU politicians economical particular's wars etc.- he could spent part
of theirs e.g. 20% specified taxes and how much want to rise or decline
taxes e.g. 10% of theirs paid taxes more or less or no change.
The enquiry forms like money (check or bond) in free market can improve
exchange massages of opportunities and needs- down to earth therefore more
pro-environmentally! - of all people, citizens.
Today social media like twitter ,facebook coulbe give big social and procivic media support for it.
Statesmen (partly) like staff of banks or Stock Exchange would take in
more properly attention the taxpayer "bonds opinions".
The enquiry forms, the new money, the opinions enquiry forms can
positively influence global, psychological (of every man public activity
and responsibility), economical, politically matters, can really help in
fair development of our entire environment and life, fulfilling our hopes.
Every person, citizen, consumer simultaneously could have new powerful,
helpful public toll for responsibly forcibly shape, harmonize own entire
environment and future and so the entire economic mind could be more environments reasonable ethical as

Best regards Pawel Kozycz
13..01.2014 Greve Danmark

Comment by Lorne Nicolas | 21.01.2014

The question for me should not be about the "alternative" to Capitalism. Rather it should be about its "evolution" towards a more inclusive and less destructive approach. For that, a few basic notions need to be revisited/challenged such as "Property Rights", "Remunerations", "Governance Models" and "Common Good".

Comment by Lorne Nicolas | 21.01.2014

The question for me should not be about the "alternative" to Capitalism. Rather it should be about its "evolution" towards a more inclusive and less destructive approach. For that, a few basic notions need to be revisited/challenged such as "Property Rights", "Remunerations", "Governance Models" and "Common Good".

Comment by Michele Orzan | 23.01.2014

There is a decline in the image of capitalism, its signs and results are visible in some global issues that are threatening the balanced and peaceful social development.

Not every big business and multinational, though, is yet realizing its full role in the system it belongs to.

In order for capitalism to be sustainable, its players need to understand the importance of the distribution of benefits, which should be better balanced across all categories of its stakeholders and representatives.