A Day in the Life of a Refugee

Tuesday 21 January at 16.00 to 17:15

Wednesday 22 January at 12.30 to 13:45

Saturday 25January at 15.00 to 16:15 & 18.00 to 19:15

Address: Berufsfachschule Davos, Bahnhofstrasse Platz 5 (Davos Platz). Please use the main entrance to the school.


Refugees tell us, “You can’t understand a man until you walk a mile in his shoes.” 

Take part in this powerful simulation to experience some of the struggles and choices that refugees are facing to survive each day. The Refugee Run is hosted by the Crossroads Foundation and designed with refugees, internally displaced persons and NGOs. After the simulation, refugees, field workers and others will discuss the options for engagement with participants, with a special focus on Syria.

For all further enquiries, please e-mail refugeerun@crossroads.org.hk or call +41 (0)79 212 9526.

Space is limited so please email to reserve your place.

Address: Berufsfachschule Davos, Bahnhofstrasse Platz 5 (Davos Platz). Please use the main entrance to the school.

For more information visit www.refugee-run.org




Comment by Prof.Dr.Viorica Ungureanu | 13.11.2013

Dear Organizers,

As President of the International Association of Medicine & Travel,I am very interested in the Davos Forum which will be held in 2014, in Switzerland.
Our organization, by the International Congresses which we organise each two years, we try to improve the state of the humanity health in finding new traditional and non traditional methods.
We try to develp the spiritual methods
in recovering health because there are non invasive methods and our health could really be better.

Yours sincerely,

Comment by Dr Pradeep Gadugesh | 22.11.2013

As a Doctor and a student economist, I am very much interested in the Davos Forum which will be held in 2014, in switzerland.As a Founder of NGO(Pgdils 1 among billions foundation),one of our vision is to provide psychological councelling to students and others in the near future.

Comment by Blocked Drain Experts | 31.12.2013


Comment by Henk van Dijk | 07.01.2014

What are the latest scientific breakthroughs in mental health?

Using: http://www.google.nl/patents/US3945889 Preparation of human placental hyaluronidase Patents US 3945889 A
for new born baby's

What can employers, colleagues and parents do to detect early warning signs, and how can they help?

they can help preventing this warning singns for living with a dubble Moral, that is making people real sik.

What can be done to lift the taboo on mental health?

get writ of our dubble moral.

and use:

http://www.mf3-ct.com/nl/index2.php?Content=PBiologicalEffects (zeer veel info)
http://mfiii.ns-mart.com/uploads/New-MFIII-HP-Placenta-Part1.pdf (zeer veel info)
http://mfiii.ns-mart.com/uploads/New-MFIII-HP-Placenta-Part2.pdf (zeer veel info)
http://www.mf3-ct.com/nl/index2.php?Content=PCredentials (certificaten)
http://www.mf3-ct.com/nl/index2.php?Content=RNAPreface (DNA/RNA)
http://www.fetal-cells.com/nl/index.php?Content=glossary (Woordenlijst)
http://www.eco-ultrafiltrates.com/download.php (prof.dr. Franz Schmid A new dimension of medicine)
Paracelsus: Like Cures Like - 'Similia Similibus Curantur'

Comment by Debt Relief | 22.01.2014

I think Davos Forum which will be held in 2014 will be with a special focus on Syria...
...because that Syria refugees are facing to survive each day.